• Image of Sentrock Limited Edition BARK iPhone 6+ Wood Skin Back
  • Image of Sentrock Limited Edition BARK iPhone 6+ Wood Skin Back
  • Image of Sentrock Limited Edition BARK iPhone 6+ Wood Skin Back
  • Image of Sentrock Limited Edition BARK iPhone 6+ Wood Skin Back

Nanogram collaborates with @Sentrock. If you don't already follow this artist, see what you have missed. Joseph "Sentrock" Perez is an artist originally from Phoenix, AZ that moved to Chicago to pursue a degree in Art & Design at Columbia College. Joseph uses his influence of growing in West Phoenix, better known through his art as Bird City, to create art that tells a story of community encouragement. Perez is known for using bright colors, bold imagery, intense lettering and characters that grab the attention of viewer. A staunch believer in the quote "art cannot deny the environment that it is in", Perez allows his surroundings of life in Chicago streets to inform his latest works.

Sentrock is a true community champion. After we reached out to him mentioning that we are young architects with a desire to change the urban fabric of the inner city he volunteered his works to help the cause of @Flatlot. This open ended park for the public good is the first of a series of guerrilla architecture projects we as Nanogram fund with our store. You all know by now we don't do this full time. Nanogram is just a freelance group of former classmates who enjoy experimentation. Join us in supporting @Flatlot and lets infill these vacant lots of Phoenix with architecture of the people.

Hand-crafted from FSC certified wood, each #TIMBER wood skin is precision laser cut then hand sanded and coated with a specially selected aromatic beeswax to protect from rough surfaces and scratches. The #TIMBER wood back is a distinctive, natural protective skin for your iPhone 6+.

The #TIMBER wood skin combines modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. With a profile of just 0.7mm, each product offers a slim profile and minimizes bulk all while affording surface protection and enhanced grip. Using 3M technology, the #TIMBER wood skin is applied using a peel and stick process.

Actual wood grain, patterns and knots will vary with each individual skin. Your skin is unlike anyone else’s in the world, literally.


• Precision-cut for your iPhone 6+
• Hand-crafted in our USA minifab studio garage from true FSC wood
• 3M adhesive, easy to remove leaving no residue


Length: 6 inches
Width: 2.8 inches
Depth: 0.03 inches
Weight: 0.14 oz



If you would like us to engrave your own design or you would like to work with us on any ideas to create a unique item for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We can work with you on any idea that you would like to put in any product.


We would prefer to work with a high resolution image (240 to 300 dpi). If you don’t have this type of high resolution we could assist you on any design you would need.
We have an amazing team that will assist you with any needs you have to place a custom order.


If you would like to order at wholesale quantities do not hesitate to request a quote from us.



Our collaboration with local artists has developed into BARK a brand of wood back skins for smart devices. This brand dedicates itself to the sole purpose of revitalizing the blighted areas of downtown Phoenix and turns empty lots into artist exhibition spaces. 100% of sales are reinvested in FLATLOT, the first of a series of urban renewal projects. To see how your purchase is affecting urban change in Phoenix, follow @FLATLOT on Instagram and flatlotphx.wordpress.com for details. Let's build architecture together!