• Image of BadWolf 'Spade' Beard Comb
  • Image of BadWolf 'Spade' Beard Comb
  • Image of BadWolf 'Spade' Beard Comb
  • Image of BadWolf 'Spade' Beard Comb

Our collaboration with local artists has developed into BADWOLF a brand of beard combs and soon to be clothing line. This brand dedicates itself to the sole purpose of revitalizing the blighted areas of downtown Phoenix and turns empty lots into artist exhibition spaces. 100% of sales are reinvested in FLATLOT, the first of a series of urban renewal projects.


** Dims: 2.5" x 3" x 1/4"
** Lasercut, sanded and sealed with beeswax
** Walnut or Cedar
** Customizable with your brand and/or logo

To see how your purchase is affecting urban change in Phoenix, follow @FLATLOT on Instagram and flatlotphx.wordpress.com for details. Let's build architecture together!

About Us

Nanogram is a Phoenix-based multidisciplinary team of designers offering graphic and modeling services for all industries. Laser cutting, architectural renderings, physical models, infographics, and drafting are just some of our core specialties. We look forward to collaborating with you, the client, in the materialization of your project.


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